A Sweeter Side of the Farm

Just forty minutes north of us in Dawson, Georgia is a quaint candy shop that has been around since the 1970s! Mr. and Mrs. Strickland started the business in the 1970s. Mrs. Stickland supposedly began selling candy to fund her husband's fishing equipment expenses. She sold peanut brittle and...

Welcome Hattie Bell!!

Butter Check Out The Banner Butter at Our General Store

Know Your Farmer- Robert Miller- Poultry House Moving Crew

Health Benefits of Honey

Local Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese at the White Oak Pastures General Store

Know Your Farmer- Cedric Jones - Kill Floor

“One thing I’d say about White Oak Pastures- it’s more than just a job- it’s like a family,” says Cedric Jones.

Will's Wisdom on Regenerative Agriculture

Over the millions of years of our earth's evolution, a number of essential cycles were created: the water cycle, the energy cycle, the mineral cycle, the microbial cycle, the carbon cycle, and others.

Over the last 80, or so, years, we have broken all these cycles. We have industrialized,...

Our RADical Workshop

Know Your Farmer: Laura Wall - Leather Craftswoman

Know Your Farmer: Dylan DeSutter - Assistant Hog Production Manager

Know Your Farmer: James Mock - Poultry Feed Leader

“I come to work every day and have a good attitude. I’m glad to be a part of this team”, says James Mock, our Poultry Feed Distribution Officer.

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