Local Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese at the White Oak Pastures General Store

Laura Mortelliti


Know Your Farmer- Cedric Jones - Kill Floor

Laura Mortelliti

“One thing I’d say about White Oak Pastures- it’s more than just a job- it’s like a family,” says Cedric Jones.

Will's Wisdom on Regenerative Agriculture

Will Harris

Over the millions of years of our earth's evolution, a number of essential cycles were created: the water cycle, the energy cycle, the mineral cycle, the microbial cycle, the carbon cycle, and others.

Over the last 80, or so, years, we have broken all these cycles. We have industrialized, commoditized, and centralized the production of our food. These changes were implemented to make our food cheap and abundant. They were wildly successful in accomplishing these things....

But, the degradation of our land, air, and water, the erosion of the welfare of our livestock, and the impoverishment of rural communities were the unintended, and unnoticed, consequences of these changes.

Our RADical Workshop

Laura Mortelliti


Know Your Farmer: Laura Wall - Leather Craftswoman

Laura Mortelliti

Know Your Farmer: Dylan DeSutter - Assistant Hog Production Manager

Laura Mortelliti

Know Your Farmer: Graham Phillips- Egg Production Manager

Laura Mortelliti

“I’d still be doing the same thing if I was the only person on earth”, says Graham Phillips, our Egg Production Manager, about his choice to be a farmer. “A lot of my interests come back to farming for the environment and farming for flavor. I see the two as being fundamentally intertwined- you don’t get a quality product by not supporting the environment”.

Know Your Farmer: James Mock - Poultry Feed Leader

Laura Mortelliti

“I come to work every day and have a good attitude. I’m glad to be a part of this team”, says James Mock, our Poultry Feed Distribution Officer.

Life Of A WOP Broiler

Laura Mortelliti

We receive 4200 day-old chicks from our hatchery each week. Before hatching, chicks absorb their remaining egg yolk into their abdomen. The absorbed yolk provides several days of nutrition once the chick hatches. This is key for shipping day-old chicks because they do not need nourishment while they travel. When the chicks arrive at our farm, they are immediately transferred into our brooders. We have worked hard to prepare the brooders for their arrival. Everything is in order, newly cleaned, and cozy.

Free Ranging the Red Ranger

Laura Mortelliti

The breed we raise, the Red Ranger, is an extremely mobile bird.  This quality has its pros and cons. The birds grow at a slower rate because they are very active.  “In allowing it to go wherever it wants, it runs off into the pasture and burns some serious calories. It's getting vitamins, minerals, and plant secondary metabolites from foraging in the pasture. But being further from the ideal feed source, it will not quickly get plump”, says Jeff Lackey, our Poultry Production Manager. Because our birds are athletes, we have put together cooking tips for their leaner, healthier meat. A benefit of the Red Ranger’s active disposition is its significant and visible impact on our pastures. They are very thorough grazers and scratchers. As our birds disturb the surface of the pasture, they...

Bone Broth

Laura Mortelliti


Spotlight On Our Poultry Crew

Laura Mortelliti
Pasture-Raised Super Bowl Recipes Everybody Wins!

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