Flavor of Georgia Finalist for Meat and Seafood Category 

Posted by White Oak Pastures Team
Mar 21, 2018 12:30:00 PM
Flavor of Georgia 2018 finalist
Beecon Grind iberico and ground beef flavor of georgia 2018 finalist
Our Beecon Grind placed in the top 3 finalists in the Flavor of Georgia 2018 Meat & Seafood category. 

White Oak Pastures’ Grassfed Beecon Grind was one of the three finalists out of twelve competing in the Meat and Seafood category in the University of Georgia’s 2018 Flavor of Georgia Contest. The final round was held in Atlanta where Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture, Gary Black, designated March 20 as Flavor of Georgia Day. Judges evaluated entries in select categories based on their taste, commercial appeal, innovation, market potential, and Georgia theme.

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Our ingenious Beecon Grind is a blend of our lean ground grass-fed beef and naturally cured Iberico Pork Bacon. Because White Oak Pastures is home to only a few Iberian pigs, nowhere else in the world will you find a grind blended like this. “In Spain, Iberian pigs traditionally graze on acorns while our pigs are raised on a diet of peanuts and pecans; thus, putting a southwest Georgia twist on the Spanish tradition,” explained our Quality Control Manager, Ban “Banjo” Stewart.  We worked hard with a Spanish animal nutritionist to ensure our pigs' diet contains the same fatty acid profile as that in the Spanish hogs' diet. During one of our Iberico Pork dinners, author, and writer, John T. Edge stated, ‘The taste almost reminds me of what would happen if a cow jumped the fence and started rooting around with the pigs. There’s kind of a beefy texture to the pork that is singular.’” Several members of our team traveled to Spain to be trained on how to raise, feed, and butcher Iberian pigs.If you love the flavor and texture of our delicious grass-fed beef, but have a craving for bacon, this is the blend for you!

White oak pastures is a Flavor Of Georgia finalist

Beecon Grind Ingredients: White Oak Pastures Grass-fed Beef, naturally cured Iberico pork bacon (Iberico pork, Kosher salt, sugar, light brown sugar, red pepper flakes, black pepper, celery powder, cherry powder.

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