Craft revival: Jamie Bush turns animal byproducts into artisan goods

Angela Huffman

Jamie Bush joined the White Oak Pastures family in 2014. She has a lifelong passion for farming, having grown up raising horses and goats on her family farm in Waycross, GA. She came to White Oak Pastures to learn everything she could about large-scale regenerative farming that offers much more than just good, fair food.

2015 Fall CSA – Week 34

White Oak CSA

Week 34

2015 Fall CSA – Week 32

White Oak CSA

Week 32

2015 Fall CSA – Week 31

White Oak CSA

Week 31

2015 Fall CSA – Week 29

White Oak CSA

Week 29

2015 Fall CSA – Week 28

White Oak CSA

This is an Even Week!

2015 Summer CSA Week 26

White Oak CSA


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