10 Things We Learned Growing Up On A Farm - By The Harris Sisters

Know Your Farmer - Nick Often- Cutting Room Breaker

 Our Red Meat Processing Plant has the capacity to process 36 cows a day. We depend heavily on our skilled butchers who work in the Cutting Room. There are different jobs in the Cutting Room, from Breaker to Boxer. Nick Often may be the smallest person in the room, but he has an amazing work...

Know Your Farmer- Bubba Jackson, Loading Dock Manager


A Sweeter Side of the Farm


Just forty minutes north of us in Dawson, Georgia is a quaint candy shop that has been around since the 1970s! Mr. and Mrs. Strickland started the business in the 1970s. Mrs. Stickland supposedly began selling candy to fund her husband's fishing equipment expenses. She sold peanut brittle and...

Welcome Hattie Bell!!

Know Your Farmer- Robert Miller- Poultry House Moving Crew


Local Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese at the White Oak Pastures General Store


Know Your Farmer- Cedric Jones - Kill Floor

“One thing I’d say about White Oak Pastures- it’s more than just a job- it’s like a family,” says Cedric Jones.

Know Your Farmer: Graham Phillips- Egg Production Manager

“I’d still be doing the same thing if I was the only person on earth”, says Graham Phillips, our Egg Production Manager, about his choice to be a farmer. “A lot of my interests come back to farming for the environment and farming for flavor. I see the two as being fundamentally intertwined- you...

Know Your Farmer: James Mock - Poultry Feed Leader

“I come to work every day and have a good attitude. I’m glad to be a part of this team”, says James Mock, our Poultry Feed Distribution Officer.

Spotlight On Our Poultry Crew

WOP Serves Albany Museum of Art Fundraiser Dinner

White Oak Pastures had a wonderful Saturday evening with the Albany Museum of Art and Albany Technical College Culinary Arts Department putting on a benefit dinner for the museum. Our very own chef Reid Harrison prepared the first four courses with White Oak Pastures protein- duck, goat and...

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