Posted by Laura Mortelliti
Sep 14, 2017 12:16:08 PM

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We were lucky that Hurricane Irma’s destructive path largely missed Bluffton and the surrounding counties where our employees live with their families. While natural disasters are unnerving, we’re never so reminded of the strength of a small town community as in times like this. We all came together on the farm to make sure we were as prepared as possible. Our field crews put in tremendous extra effort for days in advance and up into the pouring rain to make sure the livestock, equipment, feed and supplies weathered the storm. Our butchers came in on their day off to make sure our product was in the generator-powered coolers.  Our employees worked together to make sure everyone felt safe during the storm- offering their homes and helping hands to one another if need be. We are fortunate for our “farmily” and the community we’ve built here is never so apparent as in a time of struggle. We are so proud of our strong, hard working farm community, and our surrounding small town community. We love rural America and the lifestyle it affords, and we are proud that White Oak Pastures provides a means for rural revival every day of the year. We’ve spent this week cleaning up some of the damage from the storm, but we count our blessings and always look towards the future.


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