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Methane from Grassfed vs Grain-fed Cattle

At White Oak Pastures we find that we often get to hear from friends, new and old, on a regular basis. Often we find that the email conversations have the potential to be something that our customers would be interested in. This is the case with the following conversation. Our own Will Harris, 4th...

Industrial Farming's Impact on our Planet's Endangered Species

Update: Country of Origin Labeling

On March 11 the USDA finalized new requirements for the "Product of the USA" labeling claim.  Thank God. Here is some background on that unfair rule that never should have been put into place.

Soil: more than just dirt!

Will's Wisdom: Avian Influenza & Dairy Cattle

Avian influenza has been sweeping the headlines recently. But, you know what… I ain’t worried about it. 

Will's Wisdom: Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A pledged to only serve chicken that had been given " no antibiotics ever" in 2019. This past week they changed their mind.

Will's Wisdom: Why is the Price of Beef on the Rise?

Beef prices are higher than I've ever seen them. There are reasons for that.

The number of reproductive beef cattle that live on farms in the USA varies in a cycle of about 8 to 12 years from low point to low point. It is odd, but it has always been true. Here is what the inventory of momma cows...

What is the 'right size' for regional value chains?

Do You Give a Damn?

The Planet Will Not Feed An Unlimited Number Of People.

We are asking the wrong questions.

A Letter To Whole Foods Market Customers.

Whole Foods Market Customers,

A Levelheaded Lesson From Will Harris: Live Your Life With Gumption!

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