Soil: more than just dirt!

Posted by Will Harris
May 6, 2024 3:55:32 PM



Our soil is meant to be a living thing. It is a living medium when left in its natural state.  Some of that life is visible, like earthworms and dung beetles. Most of it is not, like fungi and bacteria.  

In its natural state a living soil utilizes the energy from the sun, water from rainfall and minerals from stones to generate a cyclical abundance. This abundance is what all species that are further up the food chain are meant to live on.
Modern agricultural practices utilize chemical fertilizers, pesticides and tillage to increase the short-term productivity of our soil. These man-made technologies provide this short-term benefit but at the unrecognized cost of destroying the historical cyclical productivity of our land.
The long-term effect is that these industrial tools turn this rich, living, productive medium into a dead mineral medium that lacks natural productivity. This great cost has never been acknowledged, until now.
The short-term benefit of this artificially cheap food comes at an enormous long-term cost. The damages that these practices cause are repairable, but the recovery of our land requires time and knowledge.
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