WOP Serves Albany Museum of Art Fundraiser Dinner

Posted by Laura Mortelliti
Mar 22, 2017 11:16:33 AM

White Oak Pastures had a wonderful Saturday evening with the Albany Museum of Art and Albany Technical College Culinary Arts Department putting on a benefit dinner for the museum. Our very own chef Reid Harrison prepared the first four courses with White Oak Pastures protein- duck, goat and lamb. He also helped direct the enthusiastic culinary students. This evening was a great success for everyone. It was the biggest fundraising event of the year for the Museum, the Culinary Arts students were able to experience the organization and care that go into a large, on-location, fine dining event, and White Oak Pastures was able to share our unique pasture-raised products as well as several of Chef Reid's most popular recipes which we are very proud of. The event featured local chefs Todd White, Kurt Rouse and Kelly Taranto. Read our recipes for the duck confit, goat meatballs, and leg of lamb

 untitled shoot-8585.jpg


untitled shoot-8605-1.jpg                                                   untitled shoot-8610.jpg 

untitled shoot-8694.jpg

untitled shoot-8656-1.jpg

 untitled shoot-8722.jpg

untitled shoot-8730.jpg

           untitled shoot-8915.jpg    untitled shoot-8838.jpg

untitled shoot-8790.jpg

        untitled shoot-8809.jpg                                       untitled shoot-8868.jpg 

untitled shoot-9057.jpg

untitled shoot-9045.jpg                                                  untitled shoot-8954.jpg

untitled shoot-8991.jpg

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