Lodging At White Oak Pastures

Posted by Monica McLendon
Feb 10, 2020 2:51:00 PM

Pond House reflecting in pond water on a sunny day for agroutourism lodging.

People come from all over the world to visit White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Georgia. This is rural South Georgia, where accommodations are few and far-reaching, not to mention sometimes inconvenient. It didn’t take us long to realize we wanted to provide a comfortable, quiet, convenient haven for our guests to come and stay awhile! We have four cabins, a larger Pond House, and the downtown Southern Red Oak House to lodge in as you enjoy our farm, dining, tours, workshops, and more.

White Oak Pastures is a fifth-generation family farm. We have honored those before us by naming four of our cabins after our ancestors who have shaped this farm over the last 150 years. You may choose the Bama Hamilton, Virgil Redding, Beulah Bell, or Sam Fordham cabins, or for larger parties, we have our Pond House and the Southern Red Oak House (check out photos below).

Lodging at White Oak Pastures includes pasture-raised eggs and your very own Keurig in every cabin.

Our cabins on the farm are stocked with our very own pasture-raised chicken eggs to enjoy for breakfast, along with your coffee made in the Keurig. For the few who are not coffee drinkers, we have some bottled water waiting for you in the refrigerator. If your prefer a more filling breakfast to start your busy day on the farm, you may want to visit our Food Truck next to the General Store.

Each cabin is equipped with air conditioning and heat. If you need anything from mosquito spray to snacks, you can stop by our General Store for any supplies,

Eggs in all the cabins

After a good night’s sleep, you’ll be ready to hit the farm, especially if you’ve signed up for a tour of the farm, an equine trail ride, or one of our on-farm workshops

If your family prefers other entertainment, you can send them on to several of our local attractions, including:

After a busy day, you’re again invited to our Dining Room at the General Store before you “retire” back to your cozy cabin. Most of our accommodations don't have TV or WI-FI, which most our our guests actually appreciate as a "digital detox". Relax and unplug before another good night’s sleep, brought on by the fresh country air!


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Pond House


Pond house lodging option common room with window view of pond.jpg

Pond house den

Pond house room 2 with two twin beds and plaid comforters.

Pond house reflecting on the water at night


Southern Red Oak House

Southern Red Oak House

Southern Red Oak House kitchen dining room

Southern Red Oak House master bedroom

Southern Red Oak House living room


Pine Forest Cabins

Woodland Cabin at White Oak Pastures

White Oak Pastures cabins for rent

Cabins in south Georgia

Rent the Woodland Cabin at White Oak Pastures

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