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White Oak Pastures is a model of the highest standards of animal welfare, holistic farm management, and regenerative agriculture. Our Internship/Apprenticeship Program allows us to expose and train each intern in the different departments incorporated under the White Oak Pastures’ umbrella. Although production and processing are the two main components, there are subdivisions under each of these components. Our production model includes grassfed cattle, sheep, and goats with pastured poultry, hogs, and rabbits. We also have eggs from our pasture-raised poultry and certified organic vegetables. Because of these endeavors, we benefit from the “ripple effect” and can train interns in culinary arts, tallow, leather, and other artisan production, composting, carpentry, farm infrastructure construction, mechanics, and pasture management.

White Oak Pasture interns working with pasture-raised hogs.

Each intern will report to different supervisors for your specific duties during the various segments of your training. Our vision is to provide you with the knowledge needed. From there, we will teach you skills that allow you to become a self-sufficient farmer with a holistic approach to agriculture, animal husbandry, and land restoration. We operate as a whole so you will learn from all divisions of the farm with your education and training occurring during this process.

A unique component of our internship program allows you to determine the level in which you are trained. Starting at a Freshman level, you can decide if would like to continue on to the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior levels. Each level requires a twelve-week commitment with the advancement to a more skill-specific curriculum than the previous level. With enhanced skills and performance comes the opportunity to negotiate an hourly rate of pay. Upon completion of the Senior Training Session, the Apprentice is entitled to a White Oak Pastures Senior Apprentice Certificate, a letter of recommendation to prospective employers, and a full-time employment offer from White Oak Pastures.

Intern Clint Shannon tends heritage breed hogs at White Oak Pastures

The population of Bluffton is roughly 100 people. No, a zero was not left off. One Hundred. Therefore, housing is available in the dormitories of Andrew College in Cuthbert, GA, but living in the dormitory is not mandatory. There is a meal plan available, but with the meals at our Dining Pavilion and Food Truck at our General Store, it is hard to justify that expense. In the near future, we will have housing here in Bluffton, but until then, you are welcome to also seek housing in the neighboring towns of Edison, Arlington, Colquitt, Damascus, Fort Gaines, and Blakely. We do not have apartment complexes in southwest Georgia.

 To apply for White Oak Pastures’ Internship/Apprenticeship Program, please submit a resume to Will Harris at will.harris@whiteoakpastures.com. If selected, interns/apprentices will pay a non-refundable quarterly tuition of $1,500.00, which will pay for itself ten-fold when you move into the next stage of your life.

Interns enjoying themselves at our annual Christmas Party.

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Bacon-wrapped pasture-raised chicken legs and smoked sugar-free bacon. Ecological Outcome Verified, non-GMO and Animal Welfare Certified.
Non-dairy Grassfed Beef Tallow Butter Substitute Tallow Be Thy Name. Certified Grassfed. Ecological Outcome Verified. Animal Welfare Certified.

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