The Resurgence Of Salves

Posted by Monica McLendon on Sep 4, 2018 1:30:00 PM

Historically, people have used herbs as a primary treatment for wounds and ailments, as well as skin, scalp, and hair problems. Herbs are seen as the forerunner to over-the-counter skin care and first aid ointments currently used. As modern medicine developed, herbs were put on the back burner by the majority, but there has been a resurgence and proven validity as to their value. Today, herbal treatments remain a primary part of the healthcare industry.

White Oak Pastures Herbal Gardeners SalveWhite Oak Pastures Herbal Gardeners Salve is made with beeswax infused with herbs.

Herbal salves are a mixture of herbal-infused oils that are most commonly thickened with beeswax, which is the component that will transform the oils into a solid form. Salves penetrate locally, meaning their effects are limited to the area on which you apply them. Since herbal salves are primarily made up of oil and wax, the salve will sit on top of the skin, taking longer to penetrate the layers of skin.

The comfrey plant used in White Oak Pastures Herbal Gardeners SalveComfrey herb is harvested for use in White Oak Pastures Herbal Gardeners Salve

The method of herbal infusion, which is heating herbs in oil, extracts the therapeutic constituents from the herbs. After the herbs are infused, the next step is to make an herbal salve. Denise Williams is a local herbalist and healthy lifestyle advocate who will lead a workshop on Saturday, October 6. Denise will instruct participants as they learn to infuse herbs and create a salve. For registration, please visit our website.

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