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Posted by Laura Mortelliti on Jun 6, 2017 7:48:29 PM


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Mark Shepard and Wayne Dorband led this weekend workshop on the creation of agricultural ecosystems through the practices of permaculture and water management to promote restoration agriculture. Our RAD Workshop included an amazingly diverse array of highly educated, passionate attendees ranging from an environmental chemist, a Georgia Environmental Protection Division engineer, a dairy farmer, an elephant refuge veterinarian, multigenerational farmers, permaculturists, herbalists, and urban gardeners. We were honored to host this intellectual group of entrepreneurs and visionaries. We are so proud that our farm has become a catalyst for restoration agriculture education and proliferation. Each piece of property is unique, and workshop attendees worked with Mark and Wayne to understand the particular challenges their land would present in design and maintenance. The workshop was split between the classroom, the pasture and the pavilion. White Oak Pasture’s wide range of properties provided examples of different landscapes and how to work within those landscapes to promote ecological restoration.


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Topics: Regenerative Land Management

Bacon-wrapped Pasture-Raised Chicken Legs and Smoked Sugar-Free Bacon
Tallow Be Thy Name is a new non-dairy butter substitute made from grassfed beef tallow.

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