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Posted by Laura Mortelliti on Sep 14, 2017 12:07:48 AM

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We love these high quality, healthy, artisanal crackers. They are hand-made and free of preservatives or stabilizers. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia Sourdough Co. sources its 100% organic flour and other all natural fresh ingredients from local farmers. The cracker dough is mixed, rolled, sliced and baked by hand. Georgia Sourdough Co. was started by long-time foodie and baker Tracy Bribbon with a focus on creating a snack that was healthy but still had old fashioned taste.

Georgia Sourdough everything crackers are highly addictive

Good news for those of us who are gluten sensitive: sourdough provides an interesting option. In the process of making sourdough, the dough is given time to rest, rise and ferment. In this window, the yeast and bacteria from the starter are tenderizing the gluten strands in the dough. When the rising process is complete, the gluten in Sourdough is partially digested and this results in a more easily broken down and absorbed product.

Georgia Sourdough Crackers elevate any cheese plate
“I am creating a company that makes healthy modern day snacks from ancient practices and organic ingredients. In this, we are creating a sustainable ecosystem in our world where children are healthier and less stuffed full of chemicals, organic farmers can grow and prosper, and someday us adults can walk into a grocery store and choose items with abandon- knowing that all is safe. First stop-crackers next stop-infinity!”

Georgia Sourdough crackers make a quick healthy meal

Georgia Sourdough Everything Crackers closeup

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