Tenderized and Marinaded London Broil (perfect for sandwiches!)

White Oak Pastures Team

For a lean piece of flank meat like a London Broil or some steaks, a combination of tenderizing the meat by hand and marinating before cooking will ensure a moist, delicious product. We go over some of our favorite ways to tenderize our grassfed beef in more detail in this blog post, but we also love this classic London Broil recipe, below. It's perfect as an entree, on sliders, or served over a big pile of vegetables! 



Braised Grassfed Beef Short Ribs

White Oak Pastures Team

We prefer to braise grassfed beef short ribs in a flavorful stock and aromatics. By slow cooking them while they're almost submerged, these short ribs end up so tender, you could eat them with a spoon. Try grassfed beef short ribs with a rich, comforting side, like creamy polenta, greens, a slice of fresh bread, mashed potatoes, or risotto!

Tacos de Lengua (Beef Tongue Tacos)

White Oak Pastures Team

We’ll go ahead and say it: Tacos de Lengua is the best way to eat beef tongue. Soft, pillowy tortillas filled with flavorful, delicious chopped meat, topped with tangy salsa verde and onions. If you’ve been stuck in a same-old, same-old taco rut, Tacos de Lengua will give you fresh taco inspiration.

Grassfed Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe

Monica McLendon

As a young child, the only thing I knew about St. Patrick’s Day was that if I didn’t wear green to school, I was going to get the fire pinched out of me (lesson learned). In college, I learned the celebratory act of drinking green beer, and lots of it. As I got older, I learned that green was and still is, NOT my color. 

As an adult, I have learned that food is, in fact, a fundamental part of the celebration. St. Patrick’s Day, or The Feast of Saint Patrick, is a cultural and religious celebration held on March 17, to mark the passing of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. While corned beef and cabbage are thought to be an Irish feast on St. Patrick’s Day celebration, it is actually more of an Irish American tradition.

Non-dairy Grassfed Beef Tallow Butter Substitute Tallow Be Thy Name. Certified Grassfed. Ecological Outcome Verified. Animal Welfare Certified.
Bacon-wrapped pasture-raised chicken legs and smoked sugar-free bacon. Ecological Outcome Verified, non-GMO and Animal Welfare Certified.

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