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Posted by White Oak Pastures Team
Jun 17, 2022 3:27:09 PM
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Dear Friends and Supporters of White Oak Pastures,

Over the last twelve years, we've been shipping products from our farm in Bluffton, Georgia all over the United States. While we never set out to be a national distributor, it has  allowed us to meet thousands of consumers who value the same things we do: high animal welfare, good environmental practices that restart nature's cycles, and the revival of our rural community. Building this community has been the single most rewarding part of farming "differently." 

Shipping from an extreme corner of the United States has been a challenge to get products to some locations reliably in good condition. We are seeing more delays with our third-party carriers and hotter temperatures, and when combined together, our perishable products suffer. 

Because of this, we have made the painful decision to draw in our ground shipping radius to those living within a two-day ground network from our farm. To see if you live in this area, please refer to this map.

Customers outside of this area have the opportunity to shop our products online, but the shipping options will be limited to express only, meaning the fee will be calculated per pound per mile of transit. Oftentimes, this cost is so high that it's not practical for some customers. It brings us great sadness to potentially lose your support, but we know these delays prevent us from having a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. 

If you are a Village Loyalty Member living in one of these affected areas, we will continue to take orders from you and put them in manually, overriding these new shipping rules. Please make sure to reach out to info@whiteoakpastures.com, so that customer service can help you with your next order.

Please let us know if you need leads from other producers in your area. We would be happy to send you the names of some farmers who raise livestock similar to the way we do, all of whom would be wonderful to work with.
The Butchers and Cowboys of White Oak Pastures

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