Second Annual 5K Ruff Run

Posted by White Oak Pastures Team
Mar 21, 2016 2:00:00 PM

We had a blast this Saturday at our second annual 5K Ruff Run! Contestants were challenged by 14 obstacles throughout our pastures, while the two days of rain prior to the event added a whole other level of difficulty. You can do a mud run anywhere, but where else can you do an obstacle-filled race on a farm with 10 species of livestock looking on?

5k 1.png

The event was organized by our Tourism Manager, Jodi Harris Benoit, one of the fifth-generation of Harrises on the farm. Jodi wanted to offer something different, as our guests often visit the farm more for the educational component. Fitness is important to many of our customers, and this was a chance to get outside in the spring weather, get muddy and have fun, while learning about where your food comes from at the same time.

5k 2.png

Tim Hauber, our Construction and Maintenance Manager, used his architectural background to design and build obstacles one runner described as more difficult than a military training course. Some of the challenges included climbing walls, a barbed wire crawl, a frame of monkey bars, a tire climb, and finally a mountain of hay bales to scale before crossing the finish line.

5k 3.png

Our farm animals got in on the action, too, with one of our hens laying an egg in the hay bale obstacle after the race!

5k 4.png

Guests also enjoyed our after-run activities, including a mechanical bull, cowboy joust, cornhole, paintball, beer and music, while Chef Reid served up pastured and grassfed sandwiches from the White Oak Pastures food truck.

5k 5.png

Thank you to our community for coming together for a really unique and fun event. We can’t wait to see y’all again next year!

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