New kids on the farm

Posted by Angela Huffman
Mar 24, 2016 2:00:00 PM

The business that we run is the most simple business in the world. We own land, and we own animals. We spend our days doing the right things for both. The animals breed, have young, they grow, we slaughter them, we sell the meat and poultry for money that we use to pay our expenses, and it all starts again. It is very simple, but it is also remarkably complex. There are a lot of moving parts.

Some of the great joys in our work are the birthing seasons. Goats kid, rabbits kindle, hogs farrow, sheep lamb, cattle calve, poultry hatch. This is part of a cycle of birth, growth, death, and decay. Everything we do here is in support of that cycle.

Each spring we welcome new goat kids to our herd as they are born in our pastures. Our Small Ruminants Manager, Matthew Cantrell, ensures that they live a peaceful, healthy life, caring for them and watching over them along with his dogs, Oakley and Pancho.

We are excited to have goats on our farm, as goat is the most consumed meat in the world. We believe that our customers who are currently buying our beef, lamb, poultry and rabbit will also like our goat.

Please enjoy our photo gallery of our mama goats and their new kids, in their nursery in our pastures. This is the way we believe animals should be born and raised.

new kids 1.pngnew kids 2.pngnew kids 3.png

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