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What’s in your Jeep, Will Harris?

Ignite the Consumer Revolution for Regenerative Agriculture

Simply stated: Chickens aren’t vegetarian. They just ain’t.

Look Inside Our 19th Century General Store

We’ve been working hard all summer to restore Bluffton, Georgia’s historic 175-year-old general store as part of our effort to breathe life into our little town. This will be the first store within the city limits in 40 years. There are only a few days left until our grand opening on October 15th,...

Holiday turkeys with a higher purpose

Top 5 reasons to celebrate our 150th anniversary with us

Join us the weekend of October 15th as we commemorate our 150th anniversary. We’ll make it a real celebration with our largest event yet. Over the years we’ve refined our traditions and skills, and like the wines Will Harris is well known to enjoy, we only get better with age. If you’re on the...

Honey as pure as the land

Meet Mary, Queen of Brussels (Sprouts)

As we kick off the Fall season of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, we are excited to introduce you to one of our organic garden managers, Mary Bruce! We love the way Mary involves herself in so many different functions at White Oak Pastures: she’s also a leather craftswoman, a...

Day in the Life of John Pedersen, Hog Manager, Midwife to Sows

Photo by Laura Mortelliti

We’ve got balls at White Oak Pastures

Castration of male animals is a common practice in the livestock industry. Said to reduce aggression, the practice likely came about with the confinement of cattle in crowded conditions where the animals aren’t free to roam and express natural instinctive behaviors. As Will Harris says, you just...

Creating a bee-friendly environment (it’s easier than you think!)

The many dogs of White Oak Pastures

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