Gourmet Grinds: For Your Convenience

Posted by Jenni Harris
Apr 18, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Grassfed and Pasture Raised Gourmet Grinds 

Eloise Harris, mother to Will Harris, used to talk at length about the generational loss for cooking at home. Growing up, I remember her saying “I can cook everything from a cow from the nose to the tail. My daughter-in-law can cook hamburgers, roasts and a few steaks, and my grandchildren, well, they are doing good to simply brown some ground beef for a taco.” While none of us liked to hear her talk about our inability to cook, we all knew she was right.

White Oak Pastures’ online store is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers. Whether it’s special seasonings or pet chews or leather bags, we want to be sure that we are stocked to be the one-stop-shop for humane, regenerative products. Our newest addition is a category wholly dedicated to Gourmet Grinds.

White Oak Pastures 5 Bird GrindWhite Oak Pastures 5 Bird Grind

There are few farms in the country that raise, slaughter, butcher, grind and package meats and poultry on a farm. Mountains of middle men and red tape separate White Oak Pastures apart from so many other farms that rely on third parties to keep integrity in their products. For us, it’s a unique privilege to have control of our inventory from birth to barcode.

Because we have such a diverse array of products, we also have the creative ability to custom grind some interesting combinations.

Grassfed Beef and Ground Pastured Pork Paleo GrindOur Grassfed Paleo Grind

For example, if you love bacon, and I don’t mean just for breakfast, you might try our 50/50 Beef and Bacon Blend.

Or if you are bored with ground turkey, try our 5 Bird Grind, which is a blend of ground chicken, duck, goose, turkey and guinea.

Are you keeping Keto? What about our Keto Blend?

Maybe you are a strict Paleo eater? Our Grassfed Paleo Ground Beef is a great way to get the nutritional benefits of organ meat, while still enjoying the great taste of White Oak Pastures grassfed beef.

Whatever your preference, we probably have a blend that’s perfect for your lifestyle and taste buds.

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Grassfed Ground Beef and Gourmet Burger Grinds

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