White Oak Pastures Raw Pet Grinds

Posted by Laura Mortelliti
Sep 28, 2017 1:11:16 PM


At White Oak Pastures, we love our pets. Most of our employees have at least one pet! We also love the spoiled life our farm lets us provide for our animals. Pets are family to us, and we want to feed them the same healthy food we feed ourselves. In addition to the vast array of pasture raised, sun-dried pet chews we give our animals, we can feed our pets an all natural, raw diet from our humanely raised 10 species of livestock. White Oak Pastures has no shortage of diet variety for your furry friends, and we can make it all easily accessible by shipping it right from our pastures to your doorstep. We are excited about the growing interest in returning pets to raw diets. We are proud to provide pet owners a range of raw food options. Our products come with the peace of mind that the products you feed your pets are sourced from a system that is good for the land, good for the livestock, and good for the revival of rural America.

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 We've created a wonderful, easy way to make raw feeding as convenient as possible. Our USDA inspected red meat and poultry processing plants grind up whole animals and turn the carcasses into pet grinds. We carry our pet grinds in our online store and at our General Store location in Bluffton. The value in feeding ground whole animal is immense. It ensures that our pets are getting the proper proportions of bone, muscle meat, organ meat, and connective tissue. Our pet grinds have a similar consistency to ground beef. This allows for easy meal prep and portioning, fits well in any sized dog bowl, and is easy to handle. If you prefer to feed your dog a more traditional raw diet, we also sell a range of organs, bones, and body parts such as heads, necks, hooves, etc.

Raw feeding is about the aggregate, long term nutritional balance, as is the case for the diet of wild predators. Dogs evolved eating the entire prey animal, along with a small percentage of plant matter. Predators obtain the greatest portion of the plant matter in their diet from the intestinal tracts of their prey. Over the long term, wild predators obtain the nutrients they need from the entire prey carcass; the fur, hair, and feathers of their prey are just as crucial nutritionally as the muscle, bones and internal organs. Over the centuries, we've developed a processed diet for our animals which is also designed to be nutritionally balanced. While many pet owners opt for this conventional means of pet nutrition, there is a growing trend towards feeding pets a raw diet once again.

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Above: Whole Chicken Pet Grind 1lb Pack featuring a dog collar from our Leather Department and 4" Rawhide Rolls from our Pet Chew department. 



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