Big Chicken

Posted by Laura Mortelliti
Sep 14, 2017 2:23:48 PM


We are extremely honored to be featured in National Geographic's new book "Big Chicken" by award winning author and journalist Maryn McKenna. Maryn's work has appeared in the New York Times, WIRED, the Atlantic, Scientific American and National Geographic. She is a TED speaker and specializes in food and public health policy. Maryn's book "Big Chicken" has already appeared in several prominent magazines such as the most recent publications of National Geographic and The Atlanta.

In Chapter 14 of her radical new book, Maryn spends the majority of the chapter discussing White Oak Pastures and our pastured poultry business model. We have poured so much time, thought, energy, talent and creativity into our pastured poultry operation. Maryn explores White Oak Pastures' journey in this process. Today, we have 60,000 broilers on pasture and slaughter 5,000 per week. We are so proud of our journey and that we can stand as a model for large scale pastured poultry in an industry that is largely industrial. Maryn's book is a welcome synthesis of the complex risks of industrial, antibiotic-based animal husbandry.  We encourage our customers to read it and share it’s incredible message. We have happily stocked copies of Big Chicken on our General Store shelves. When you visit the farm, pick up a copy!

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