Meet Rebekah Hall, Manager Of The Month

Posted by Corinne Kocher on May 27, 2019 1:30:00 PM


Rebekah Hall became involved with White Oak Pastures in March 2018. "I have always been interested in how the farm operated and wanted to learn more about it," she says. As shipping manager, Rebekah certainly gets to do just that.

Rebekah oversees packing and shipping for all of our different products at our on-farm fulfillment center. This is the last step for a long journey for our product, and Rebekah is one of the people responsible for your White Oak Pastures package arriving at your door safely and in good condition.

Rebekah describes an average day at White Oak Pastures as "busy" (which is probably an understatement). Packing and shipping orders for the farm, Rebekah's most challenging and also favorite task, is a constantly growing and changing responsibility.

Products come from all different areas of the farm, which means that Rebekah has a lot to keep track of. She spends her time focusing on daily goals and "going above and beyond" for White Oak Pastures customers. This comes easily to her, because she knows "customers are going to be satisfied and love all the product they receive from the farm."

"I wouldn't trade jobs with anyone, because I love my job," Rebekah says. "And I love the crew I work with, so I wouldn't trade that for anything either."

When Rebekah is on the farm, she enjoys getting the grilled chicken salad from the dining pavilion. "I like knowing that the salad mix is fresh, straight out of our [White Oak Pastures] garden," she explains.

When she's not working, Rebekah enjoys spending time in the outdoors - especially, with a fishing pole in her hand. "I love fishing. It's my relaxing time, and I get to enjoy nature," she says.

Southern Georgia is perfect fit for Rebekah. because to her, it feels like summer, her favorite season, nearly all year round. The downside to year-round summer? "Southern Georgia mosquitoes are the size of a helicopter and the gnats are terrible."

She's right about that, but we're happy that Rebekah is here at the farm, despite the mosquitoes. Because of her and her crew's hard work, White Oak Pastures customers receive their product on-time and in good condition. Her eye for detail and dedication to maintaining customer satisfaction make Rebekah an integral part of our team at White Oak Pastures!

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