Buffalo Ranch Party Wings

Posted by White Oak Pastures Team on Jul 27, 2019 2:20:52 PM


This recipe for pasture-raised chicken wings in a spicy buffalo ranch sauce comes to us from Justin Beggs, who manages our online order fulfillment center at White Oak Pastures. A resident of downtown Bluffton, Georgia, Justin has cooked his famous wing recipe for all our White Oak Pastures friends and visitors.



buffalo-chicken-wings-recipe-step-1Thaw the meat in a bowl in the refrigerator. Rinse wings/legs in the sink.
buffalo-chicken-wings-recipe-step-2Place wings/legs in a pot of water and add seasonings above, bring to a boil. While wings/legs are boiling start your grill. You can use a “chimney starter” for a more natural taste.
buffalo-chicken-wings-recipe-step-3-1After wings/legs have boiled for about 10 minutes, drain the water and baste the meat thoroughly with about ½  bottle of the Moore’s Creamy Ranch Buffalo Sauce.

buffalo-chicken-wings-recipe-step-3When your grill is heated to hold at 400 degrees consistently, you can place the sauced wings/legs on the grill.Let the wings/legs cook for 5 minutes on each side.

buffalo-chicken-wings-recipeTake the wings/legs up and add the other half of the Moore’s Creamy Ranch Buffalo Sauce, toss, and Enjoy!


To add more heat, you can add your preference of hot sauce in with the Moore’s Creamy Ranch Buffalo Sauce.

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