Will's Wisdom on Regenerative Agriculture

Posted by Will Harris on Jun 16, 2017 1:35:13 PM
Will Harris owner of the multi-generational farm White Oak Pastures

Over the millions of years of our earth's evolution, a number of essential cycles were created: the water cycle, the energy cycle, the mineral cycle, the microbial cycle, the carbon cycle, and others.

Over the last 80, or so, years, we have broken all these cycles. We have industrialized, commoditized, and centralized the production of our food. These changes were implemented to make our food cheap and abundant. They were wildly successful in accomplishing these things....

But, the degradation of our land, air, and water, the erosion of the welfare of our livestock, and the impoverishment of rural communities were the unintended, and unnoticed, consequences of these changes.

The unintended consequences have now become noticed. Enlightened consumers have made the decision to pay farmers more for their food in an effort to change production practices to be more regenerative, humane, and fair.

Will Harris with his herd of pasture raised beef cattle at White Oak Pastures

Will Harris holds the White Oak Pastures heritage branding iron

Topics: Regenerative Land Management, Will's Wisdom

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