Will's Wisdom: Functioning Life Cycles

Posted by Will Harris
Jul 11, 2022 4:06:51 PM


We get dozens of visitors to our farm every day. Some spend the night, some eat with us, and some just stop by. This is pleasing to us. We are fiercely proud of what we do.  

We operate with full transparency. We show them anything that they want to see and we answer any question that they want to ask. Some of what we do ain’t pretty. Birth, growth, death, and decay is beautiful, but it ain’t always pretty.  

People say really nice things to us about what we do and it warms our hearts but it really ain’t about us.

There is something atavistic in all humans that draws us to natural systems that are operating properly. Have you ever wondered why a person will pay five times as much for a house lot that is on a clean running creek, as opposed to a similar lot that is out of sight of the creek?

We are drawn to clean running water, a well tended campfire, a field of flowers, animals expressing their instinctive behavior, children playing, forests, birds chirping in trees, and all other situations that demonstrate the cycles of nature functioning optimally.  

This is what our visitors find so pleasing when they visit White Oak Pastures. It’s not why we did what we did but it is a nice, unintended consequence that verifies to us that we were right in making the changes that we did.  

Similarly, animals (or people) in confinement, polluted water, decaying towns, and dead eroded soil are equally displeasing. These situations demonstrate broken cycles of nature, they are not regenerative and not sustainable, being around as long as we have, you come to realize how important those two things are. We made the right call when we changed the way that we farm, the proof is all around us.

If you want to experience this for yourself, come to see us, you have an open invitation.


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