Introducing: Shelf-Stable Pasture-Raised Pork Sticks

Posted by Corinne Kocher
Sep 20, 2019 3:34:17 PM


While we love a slow beef roast as much as the next person, sometimes, convenient, on-the-go snacks keep us from getting a little… "hangry."

Introducing White Oak Pastures Meat Sticks: protein from your favorite farm, packed in a shelf-stable stick! Also called a snack stick, these portable snacks are good for on-the-go eating, whether that's on the trail, on the road, or on the farm.

White Oak Pastures Pasture-Raised Pork Sticks have just arrived to our online store, and we are currently developing a grassfed beef stick for later this fall.

What is a snack stick?

White Oak Pastures' snack sticks are shelf-stable, individually packaged meat snacks. 

What is the difference between beef sticks and beef jerky?

Beef jerky, like White Oak Pastures' Grassfed Beef Jerky, is typically made up of dehydrated lean meat. Meat sticks, on the other hand, are encased meat products, typically including some additional flavors and fat. 

What snack stick seasoning do you use?

For our pork sticks, we take a page out of the jerky playbook - we hickory-smoke the pasture-raised pork sticks to perfection. Currently, our pork sticks come in Herb, Spicy, and Mild flavors. Our meat sticks are gluten free, Keto-friendly, and full of flavor.

What meat is in the snack sticks?

100% of the meat in our snack sticks comes from our farm. Our hogs, on the front line of land regeneration, are Certified Non-GMO,  Certified Humane and EOV (Ecological Outcome Verified) in the Land2Market Program. Our cattle, also essential to our regenerative grazing practices, are a Step 4 in the Global Animal Partnership, Certified Grassfed by the American Grassfed Association, Certified Humane and Ecological Outcome Verified. 

Why pastured-raised pork and grassfed beef meat sticks?

As a Savory Institute Hub, White Oak Pastures focuses on using humane animal impact to benefit our soil. We are home to a diverse ecosystem of livestock that we use to holistically manage our land and sequester carbon in our soil

So we are excited to announce this latest product developed for our customers - snack sticks that are as full of flavor as they are intention and purpose. 

Check out our pastured pork meat sticks on our online store today!

100% Pasture-Raised   Jerky & Meat Sticks

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