Will's Wisdom: Food & Supply Shortages

Posted by Will Harris
Aug 15, 2022 5:43:52 PM

Wills Wisdom Our Eminent Supply Shortage-blog-headerAlmost everything that I read predicts an eminent food shortage, and I'm pretty sure that we are going to have one.

I do not think that we are going to run out of food anytime soon. We aren't quite done completely ruining the Earth by breaking the cycles of nature with the tools of technology that reductionist science has provided us with.

These tools will continue to provide us with wasteful quantities of obscenely cheap commodities for some time. Like with everything else, there is an end to this string; we haven't gotten to it yet.

The food shortage that I'm expecting fairly soon will be one that is intentionally created. It will be a supply shortageas opposed to a real food shortage.

The reason for this is that multinational food companies have learned there is a lot of profit to be made in the "shortage business". With such a small number of these companies controlling such a huge percentage of the world's food supply, it will be easy for them to arrange. These are the same companies that are under scrutiny for price fixing, unfair labor practices, and many other crimes. Do you think that these players would not "manage" the supply of food that is available for your family if it quadrupled their trillions of dollars of profits?

When the 'Pandemic Panic' hit us in 2020, we got blindsided. We pretty much sold out of everything in our warehouse almost overnight. I was mortified when faithful customers called me on my cell phone and asked me, "why the hell I failed to have a supply for them." My only answer was that I didn't see it coming.

I can promise you that ain't going to happen again. This is specifically why we created our Village Loyalty Program, which allows us to identify and reward the customers who consistently support our farm.

There will be more shortages and "panics" in our future. The Big Food oligopoly has seen the obscene profits available to them when panic buying occurs (see what has happened with toilet paper and gas). Being hungry will impact your family a helluva lot harder than either of these.

The next time this happens, we will be ready for it. We will not be able to feed the world, but we will damn sure be able to feed our Village.


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