Do You Give a Damn?

Posted by Will Harris
Apr 17, 2023 2:15:00 PM

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White Oak Pastures Community Members and Supporters,

We just completed the writing of our first and last book. It will be released in September by Random House - Viking - Penguin.  

The title is: A Bold Return To Giving A Damn.

I bring this up because there is inarguably so much going wrong in our world, and I don't see much being done to make it better. My first assumption was that the cause of this inactivity is that way too many folks just don't give a damn. I reasoned this because I see so little effort on the part of most people in trying to improve problems.  

Problems like:

Ecological degradation. Livestock cruelty. Economic disparity. Impoverished rural communities. Pollution. Species extinction. Antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Dead zones in our oceans. Diminished resources. Increased dependence on pharmaceuticals. Pesticides in the environment. Climate change-related weather tragedies. Pandemics. A non-resilient food supply. Lack of nutrient density in foods. Declining health in our children. Lack of fertility in young adults. Eroding topsoil. Broken Water Cycle. Broken Carbon Cycle Broken Microbial System. Broken Energy System. Broken Mineral System...

I can go on and on, but you see my point.    

When I reflected further on the public's lack of effort to solve these seemingly unsolvable problems, it occurred to me that maybe folks do give a damn; perhaps they just don't know how to begin working on them. It ain't gonna be a quick fix. We all understand that none of us can magically fix any of these societal tragedies, but we also understand that they will worsen if we don't begin working on them.

In the hope that there is a lack of direction on how to begin to fix these problems, as opposed to just not giving a damn, I am offering a first step that addresses the problems outlined above, and it is one that everyone can begin to implement immediately.

Find a local, resilient, regenerative family farm and support them by purchasing your food from them. Doing so will address ecological degradation, livestock cruelty, decreased resources, and the other issues facing our food system. This is how you can truly give a damn.

Grab on; let's get this fix started.

- Will Harris

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