2019 By the Numbers: Will Harris’ Year-End Recap

Posted by Will Harris
Dec 30, 2019 11:28:29 AM

Will Harris tourism White Oak Pastures

This has been a landmark year for White Oak Pastures. So many good things have happened. These are things that I never would have believed could be possible here.  

In listing them for you, please understand that it is not meant in a braggadocious manner. In contrast to boasting, we are humbled to be a part of these wonderful occurrences. I am personally thankful and further humbled, that this seismic change in agriculture is occurring during my watch.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of the White Oak Pastures tribe, customers, and supporters that have made these things possible.

Will Harris

White Oak Pastures

Bluffton, Georgia  

Production Sheep and Cattle grazing pastures

200,000: Number of grassfed and pastured animals raised and processed for our customers.

4,000: Tonnage of compost that was made from our packing plants and spread on White Oak Pastures land.

3,200: Tons of carbon dioxide equivalent that White Oak Pastures took out of the atmosphere [where it was harmful], and sequestered in our land [where it is beneficial].  

2,000: Acreage of renewable energy property that White Oak Pastures will be managing with livestock for vegetation control for renewable energy company Silicon Ranch.

1,700: Number of fruit, nut and shade trees that are being planted on White Oak Pastures land.

1,600: Number of hogs that will be processed, here on the farm [thanks to some new equipment].

1,000: Number of headaches incurred by the new inventory control software system.

300: Percent more products delivered to customers in compostable coolers through White Oak Pastures online store.

165: Full-time farmers, cowboys, butchers, admin staff, accountants, chefs, gardeners, fence builders, mechanics, and carpenters.

150: Pairs of boots sold for the first [ever] single estate-sourced leather program.  

82: Guests at our first ever Oakchella event [carnivore gathering].

60: Number of new value-added products offered through our new USDA-approved farm commissary.

30: Number of Savory Land Management personnel trained.

22: Miles of new farm fence constructed.

21: Number of meals served per week at the General Store.

20: Number of two-year-old American Jamon Iberico that will be released for the first time.    

10: Number of interns trained.

9: Number of horses in our new trail riding activity.

2: New employee houses in Bluffton purchased and remodeled.


In addition:

We invented the first foaming tallow foaming soap and body wash.

We opened our mechanic shop in Bluffton.

We opened our woodshop on the farm.

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